Silver Bay

Silver Bay


Large bags of seafood would come down ten conveyor belts and be loaded into refrigerated vans for shipping to Silver Bay’s customers. It was important to track what bags went into what van for billing and possible recall purposes. Neither of the two existing software companies could offer a scanning system to handle this. Integration would be a “must have”.

FlowTrac Solution

Wireless scanners were given to each employee inside of the vans. As a van starts to load, the dock supervisor types in the van number. The date and time is stamped for the load creation. As each bag gets loaded into the truck, the operator scans the barcode that was placed on the bag by the manufacturing software system. Upon each scan, FlowTrac integrates real time with the MFG software’s database to pull needed information about the barcode, like product name, description, weight, etc.. This scan information is then saved in FlowTrac with date and time stamps. When the load is complete, the dock supervisor reviews the quantity loaded and total weight that FlowTrac has calculated, and then prints a packing slip through FlowTrac. This information is not only stored inside of FlowTrac, but also handed off to the ERP software’s system for accounting and billing purposes. FlowTrac’s solution provided needed integration to two different software packages at the same time, real time. Shipment history lookup and analysis is also provided by FlowTrac to supplement the features of the other two existing software systems.

September 19, 2014