Sam’s Furniture

Sam’s Furniture


Sam’s had grown to several locations through out the Fort Worth, TX area. Inventory was becoming a problem as well as trying to maintain delivery schedules on time. Customers wanted to have some items delivered while other items could be picked up at any or multiple locations. Sam’s also had a leasing software system that would require integration with any new system installed. Returns had no automated system to make sure items were inspected upon receipt and damages taken care of quickly. Sales people on the floor needed instant access to not inventory, but pricing, purchase order schedules, delivery times available, and leasing package numbers.

FlowTrac Solution

FlowTrac was selected to solve the problems. InventoryTrac was implemented to provide on hand quantities at each location. The Sales order module was customized to meet the needs of a Sales Floor team. Sale people could now have up to date information on quantities at their location as well as the other location at a glance. Sales Returns auto create an Inspection report and the items return are closely monitored through the receipt process, inspection process, and remedy process. Damaged and Uses items inventory are tracked to provide Sales people options when out of new stock inventory. Flowtrac staff worked closely with Sam’s other software vendor to provides seamless integration to their existing leasing software. The Sales Order system from FlowTrac now integrates to Sam’s leasing package automatically providing credit worthiness, leasing rates and auto contract generation. Import/Exports are now not required as all integration happens real time. EDI was added and Sam’s purchase order process flows to and from the Vendors’ systems instantly and automatically as well. Automatic price updating also happens through the EDI module. For over 15 years, FlowTrac has been solving the needs of Sam’s on a daily basis.

September 19, 2014