ACS Pump & Supply

ACS Pump & Supply


ACS Pump and Supply was formed to sell, service, and maintain Pumps and Oil Field Supplies. Inventory Tracking would be a must as well as pump service history. Locations of the pumps at customer well sites would also be a requirement.

FlowTrac Solution

FlowTrac’s InventoryTrac would be the solution ACS was looking for. Raw Material Inventory levels are maintained, so when a pump repair is required, ACS knows they have the parts in stock as needed. A customize production module was created to allow ACS all the audit and tracking information for pump service history. Flowtrac’s Sales order module ties directly into both inventory levels, pricing, and a quick drill down offers pump location and Service history. FlowTrac staff continues to customize the software upon ACS’s request. This allows the flexibility to keep up with new business processes NOW and out into the FUTURE as ACS continues their rapid growth.

September 19, 2014