AmeriFab was in need of tracking Production Processes, Work in Process, and Raw Material Inventory. Management could not easily track the starting or current stage of any given work order. Technician time was not being tracked on the operation side. Raw Material stock could be depleted or out of stock when a job was needed to begin. Some custom processes were specific to AmeriFab’s success and would need to be supported in the new software.

FlowTrac Solution

FlowTrac’s ProductionTrac combined with InventoryTrac met all the requirements. InventoryTrac got the Raw Material under control with real time on hand quantities. Production Order “travelers or routing sheets” could now be printed that allow for Employee’s to scan their barcode, the Production Order barcode, and an Operation code. This creates fast logging of start and stop times by order and by process. The work center movement is tracked to show where the job is currently. A Work In Process overview displays the last work center with logged time and a quick drill down to show all processes scanned in or out to date, as well as which process is completed. Production Order history views allow for detailed information by dates, by order, by process, or by employee. All analysis tracked can easily be exported to Excel spreadsheets for further review with a single click export button. FlowTrac staff worked with AmeriFab staff to customize certain areas of the software to track the information exactly as desired. As AmeriFab continues to experience rapid company growth, FlowTrac is there to provide any new features that might be required.

September 19, 2014