Arc Pressure

Arc Pressure


Arc Pressure was commission by one of their vendors to inventory and track the water pipe used for gas well drilling operations. This presented an unusual problem as both pipe in storage and pipe in the field would need to be scanned and accounted for. The average pipe “stick” is 30 feet long and one installation could be spread over miles of country. Wi-Fi and even cellular service could not be depended upon for real time scanning purposes. Pipe information would need to be provided when there was damage. Replacement and repair operation to the item would need to be tracked as well.

FlowTrac Solution

FlowTrac was able to modify the existing InventoryTrac module to provide the answer. Pipe style and product codes were defined and each piece of pipe was assign a unique serial code. Labels consisting of a barcode label and a RFID tag were strapped to each section of pipe. FlowTrac customized our existing scanning software package to allow uploading and downloading of data gathered in the field. The GPS coordinates were also fetched with each scan, yielding a Google mapping of the pipe inventory in the field. As special situations arose in the field or office, FlowTrac worked with Arc staff to modify the software to fit the requirement.

September 19, 2014