Fitz Aerospace

Fitz Aerospace


Fitz Aerospace was experience tremendous growth in their production Department. ISO standards were a must, as well as just in time raw material stock. Second shifts had been added to the manufacturing area and the number of technicians and CNC machines was making it difficult to track the status of any given order. Several large customers were making demands on faster turn around of finished products as well as information on current products in the production process. Raw material required lot, country of origins, heat lot tracking to provide customers complete documentation. The quoting process for sales staff had become difficult without fast information to buy, sell, and manufacturing history.

FlowTrac Solution

FlowTrac’s ProductionTrac and InventoryTrac was the solution Fitz had been looking for. Workstations were added in key shop floor area for technicians to now start barcode scanning the Employee, Job, Start/Stop times of processes. Raw material stock and minimums, maximums were brought online to support notification of needed purchases or available on hand. A customized quoting module was created to facilitate faster and more accurate quoting for the Fitz sales staff. Mobile barcode guns were added to make the pulling of stock, “real time”. Employee rates were added to calculate true job cost of the finish item. Production release to stock auto creates and generates packing slips to the customer. All lot tracked items force scanning or lot entry to secure the integrity of the documentation. File and image support on Notes give Fitz single click access to vital MilSpecs, Vendor docs, and other technical documents when needed. FlowTrac continues to work with Fitz when a specialized need arises, to add the feature or customized solution.

September 19, 2014