Gemini Energy Services

Gemini Energy Services


Gemini approached FlowTrac looking for a batter way to track their Tool Assets out in the field. With over a hundred employee service trucks in the field, each loaded with Tool Assets, tracking had become almost impossible. An additional problem was trying to keep up with each Employee’s certifications, platforms supported, work history, and training required or due. Employees were not allowed at certain customer installations, without proper work experience and certifications for that particular turbine equipment.

FlowTrac Solution

FlowTrac’s AssetTrac was the beginning of the answer. Our personnel took legacy data that had been stored in Gemini’s Access database and imported it into AssetTrac’s MySQL database. Information could now be viewed, verified, and entered from any standard web browser device. Laptops, Cell Phones, Workstations could now be used to check on Employee experience and certifications from the field without having to return to the office.

An Asset Check-In and Check-Out tracks not only the location of the asset on each truck, but the condition and the employee that received and took responsibility of that asset. Technical manuals and activity history could be viewed from the Web with secured login access. Asset activity history provides easy checking on the movement and handling of each asset when damages happen. Warranty policies and insurance policies are also kept online for easy look up. Service intervals and service codes can easily be created and assigned to any asset. My Account and My Service views are available to specific users immediately upon the user’s login.

Now with one central repository that all staff has access to, Gemini can rely on one centralized place for the Asset Maintenance and Location. Custom features continue to added to Gemini’s package upon their request to insure the best ROI a software can offer.

September 19, 2014