Kahalui Trucking

Kahalui Trucking


Kahului was providing parts and service for all of their corporate sugar cane trucks. Part availability was causing back ups in the service bays. Located on an island, Maui, parts can not easily or quickly get replenished. Vehicle service history was needed to stay ahead of repairs. Mechanic’s times were not easily calculated and needed to be integrated to an existing corporate payroll system. Kahului was also trying to provided miscellaneous billing and tracking for several of their other divisions. (Tug Boat Rental, Sugar and Molasses Storage). Locations on the other islands were need to come online for better management as well.

FlowTrac Solution

The FlowTrac solutions included inventory and service modules and was installed on Kahalui’s local in-house server. Our personnel worked to import all existing inventory, customer, and truck information to quick start the system “Go Live” date. Staff also traveled onsite to implement the solution upon the customer’s request. Onsite training and custom programming assured a successful product launch.

A Mechanic Payroll integration module was written and tested with the current payroll vendor. The miscellaneous billing needs were detailed and programmed to Kahalui’s design specifics. We worked with their corporate I.T. to set up the remote locations through a secure virtual private network. Through the years, as different business situations arise, Kahalui continues to contact FlowTrac to add additional features and modules to their system. Inventory, Service, Mechanic Labor, Receivables, Payables, are all tracked via the FlowTrac software at multiple locations.. Stocking Levels prevent Trailers from sitting on site waiting for parts to be shipped in.

September 19, 2014