The current ERP system had been outgrown and no customization was being offered by the vendor. NUCO neeed to replace the existing ERP system with full ERP package that could be customized. Must provide barcode scanning and tracking of Work in Process throughout the manufacturing facility. Production must be interfaced to raw materials and finish product inventory. Features should included integrated Sales Ordering, Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger.

FlowTrac Solution

The Full ERP FlowTrac software with all modules was installed. Multi-Level manufacturing systems used to support the manufacturing of finish items made up of assemblies and other manufactured products. Sales Order processing interfaced directly to finished good inventory as well as raw materials to support production scheduling. Both Wireless and Wired scanners were supplied to each Work Center to track Work In Process as well as rejections in real time manner. A complete document module put in to place to support required ISO documentation procedures and interface into FlowTrac’s Sales and Inventory Modules.

Accounting modules such as Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable interface directly with the Sales and Shipping Modules and flow straight into the General Ledger. Work In Process scanning provides real time analysis for on time or possible over due processes. All movement and processes are tracked to ISO standards. Customization was provided to support NUCO’s extensive Sales Quoting process. Quotes can then be turned into Sales Orders and Production Orders automatically generated where necessary to meet Sales requirements. A single Production Order might generate many “child”, “grandchild”, etc… Orders to meet the multi-level requirements of a finish good.

As ISO standards and requirements change, Flow Software customizes the software for NUCO to maintain the highest degree of manufacturing tracking standards.

September 19, 2014