Dashboards are a vital tool to give visibility to multiple different areas of your data simultaneously. This is traditionally a tool for use only by Management, FlowTrac has made every window a floating dashboard, inside the browser, for any user of the software.

  • Dashboard Windows can be dragged any direction, across multiple monitors if you wish. You are only restricted by the size of your browser window. This allows dynamic positioning of muktple windows side by side for different functions. The placement of the window can also be sazved for your User Login. All your windows are sized and placed on the monitor(s) where you want them, no matter , where in the world you log into your system.
  • Minimize and Restore functionality is also available. This gives your Users the functionality they have become familiar with on Windows or Mac desktops. All inside a standard browser (current release of IE, Opera, Safari, Chrome, FireFox). No plug ins, no installation of software to your workstation. You can use a Windows workstation, an Apple Mac workstation, IPad, Android Tablet, Smart Phone, etc…
  • Not only can Dashboard Windows be selected from multiple areas or Modules of FlowTrac at the same time, but you can also bring up several records with in the same Module. For example, you search a Product, drill down to the Detail information, and then immediately go back to Search Window, find another Product, select it as well. Both Products Detail information appears in separate Dashboard Windows at the same time. You can even go back to Product search again and Find a third Product for comparison. The same functionality exists for viewing multiple Ship Orders, Receive Orders, Adjustments. Imagine comparing Two or Three Ship Orders for a customer at the same time and checking for inconsistencies.
  • DashBoard Windows may also be selected as a Favorite by clicking the Favorite Star in the Top Right hand corner of the Window. This adds this Window to the slid Out/In Favortie Bar on the left hand side of your Browser Window. This gives you quick access to commonly used Windows. The start displays in Yellow when a Window is on the Favorite bar, and in Black when Not a Favorite. This is also by User Log In code. Every User may select their own Favorite Windows for speeding up their daily processes.
  • Dashboard Windows are re-sizable in height and width by dragging corner of Window any direction. The Save button on top right hand corner, saves the dimensions for your Login User only without effecting other User’s window sizes.

FlowTrac’s Labels, Windows, Menus, and even Form Layouts can be Customized by You

No Programmer Required

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