Receive Orders

  • Do we have any of these Items Order and on their way in?
  • Can we get a quick Order generated of all Items we are low on?
  • What Orders have we received from ABC Mfg in the last 3 months?
  • Are there any Backorders left over from previous Partial Shipments?
  • What date did Order#3550-1 actual get received and by who?

These are important questions to get answers to, when you are running low on inventory. Receiving is an important piece of inventory management. FlowTrac’s Receive Order Module can help you answer these types of questions.

Running out of inventory can shutdown both Shipping and Production. Do you know if an item is on it’s way from a Supplier? What if the Supplier had previously backordered the item. Who knows when it will get here now. You need to know it is On Order from the Supplier and what Date the Supplier has committed to get it here. Stock quantities On Order are key to Your inventory stock level maintenance. The Receive Order Module supports a variety of barcode scanning technologies to trap and track these activities order by order, product by product and bin by bin. Order Open, Receiving, and History searches allow you to find and track Orders by Account, Item, Order Date, and Due Date. Receive Orders all the way back to day one can be easily found, viewed, emailed, or reprinted. The Receive Order module is ideal for your warehouse personnel to Order and Receive Items into Inventory. FlowTrac’s Receive Order Module is in service at a large variety of industries.


  • Receive Order Data Grid supports easy search for past, present, and future Receive Orders of any status (Open or Posted)
  • Inventory Product Maintenance shows current outstanding Receive Orders entered for the Product displayed, with Drill through to the actual detail Receive Order
  • Create Open Receive Order for Items to be ordered by Account to be shipped to Your pre-defined Warehouse Location. (Drop Ships also supported)
  • Receive Orders may be placed to any type of Account on file (Customer, Supplier, Vendor, Contractor)
  • Receive Order fields offered include Order Date, Due Date, Ship Via, and Reference
  • Receive Order Number Override allows you to assign any Pre-Printed Order Number/Code to override FlowTrac generated Order Numbers
  • Receive Orders can require Authorization from a designated Supervisor or Manager, or auto Authorize by User
  • By Warehouse Location, a PreFix can be auto added to generated order for easy separation. (FTW1335, DAL2300, etc…)
  • Unlimited Item Lines can be added to Receive Order with order quantity, uom, sell price, extension, extended description
  • Item Lookup, Activity History can be drilled down and through from within the Receive Order Line item entry
  • Order, RFQ’s, and customized Order forms can be customized and created by FlowTrac for you and added to Print options
  • All Hardcopies generated are PDF files by default for easy printing to most types of printers or emailing easily through Adobe or PDF compatible reader software.
  • Items OnHand, On Open Receive Orders, in Production, all easily found through Item drill down with in the Ship Order
  • Primary Suppliers can be maintained on each product and the Suppliers SKU number for cross referencing. Supplier History is auto captured to the Inventory Product for easy shop and compare
  • Receiving function auto assigns default Receiving Bin Location (DOCK, DOOR, Inspection, etc…) Lot, and/or Serial Number information Entry is required based upon Track by criteria of the Product received.
  • Receive Order Number generation suffix contains a generation number  (FTW1335-1,FTW1335-2,etc.) to support partial receive/shipments and the auto generation of a backorder Receive Order of remaining items. Supplier performance can be easily tracked.
  • Receive Order lookup automatically reports number of previous backorders for this remaining Receive Order with drill down to the detail Backorder(s).
  • Below Minimum Analysis allows for easy Receive Order generation on Items with low stock levels. Can be run by Warehouse Location, Category of Product, One or All Locations.
  • Operator is warned when a Product is placed on a Receive Order to a Supplier that is not the Primary Supplier
  • Popup Notes on Accounts and Products provide HOW To, or needed shipping requirements