Role Based Security

What data your users can see and what data your users can change is extremely important. Flowtrac has extensive User Role Membership features that allow you to control what dashboard windows a user can see. Menus are built dynamically by the security options you set. Add, Edit, Delete, and Exports are all enabled or disabled by user roles.

  • Security Roles are defined for any group of Users that you want to have distinct security .
  • Each Menu is Presented in the Data Grid for the Role defined, allowing you to check boxes to enable or disable the role members access.
  • Excel Export can be disable by Role
  • Create, Edit, Delete functions are controlled by Role. A User in a specific Role may Create, but not be allowed to Edit or Delete. Any combination is available.
  • Users may be Members of Multiple Roles.
  • A Role may be administered and restricted by higher security Roles.
  • User Login may be modified to use LDAP credentials if available from a local network.
  • Role may be made  InActive without having to Delete and Re-define.
  • Users may be made InActive to prevent Login, while maintaining all historic transactions and logins date-times of that User.
  • Menus and SubMenus may be modified or  be removed by Role Security
  • By User, Course Work may Be Defined, Course and Instructor
  • By User, Evaluations may be Defined
  • By User, Work Experience, Positions,  Platforms, and Levels may be Defined
  • By User, Mobile Login Code, Workstation Browser Login Code, and Passwords
  • Shortcut Graphcis may be designed , uploaded, and assigned to the Home Page of a User Role, to make access to specific areas easier and faster
  • By User, Certifications may be Defined, along with Notes, Files, Manuals attached

FlowTrac’s Labels, Windows, Menus, and even Form Layouts can be Customized by You

No Programmer Required

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