Transfer Orders

  • We are low, do we have any at another location.?
  • Can we get a quick Order generated of all Items we are low on here, but have some extra at another location?
  • Is the Item we are low, on it’s way yet from another location?
  • Are there any Backorders left over from previous Partial Trasnfers?
  • What date did Trasnferr#3550-1 actual get received and by who?

If you have multiple warehouse locations, you will most likely need to distribute stock from one to the other on regular basis. Transfers are an important feature in a multi-location environment. FlowTrac’s Transfer Order Module can help you manage all of your warehouse locations..

Running out of inventory in one location while you have extra quantity in another location can be expensive and frustrating. Do you have an easy way to find these over/under distributed items? Are you having trouble with items leaving one your locations and not always showing up at the other location?. You need to know that item quantity is In Bound to prevent you from ordering more from an outside Supplier. You also need to know when an item quantity is Out Bound to another location. Stock quantities moving from one location to another are instrumental to You maintaining proper inventory stock levels across Your enterprise. The Transfer Order Module supports a variety of barcode scanning technologies to trap and track these activities order by order, product by product and bin by bin. Order Open, Receiving, and History searches allow you to find and track Trasnfers by From Location, To Location, Item, and Order Date. Transfer Orders all the way back to day one can be easily found, viewed, emailed, or reprinted. The Transfer Order module is needed feature for your multi-warehouse configuration. FlowTrac’s Transfer Order Module is in service at a large variety of industries.


  • Transfer Order Data Grid supports easy search for past, present, and future Trasnfer Orders of any status (Open, Picked, Received or Posted)
  • Inventory Product Maintenance shows current outstanding In Bound and Out Bound Transfer Orders entered for the Product displayed, with Drill through to the actual detail Transfer Order
  • Create Open Transfer Order for Items to be Shipped From one Warehouse Location To another Warehouse Location and Via a Transit Warehouse Location
  • Transfer Pick Tickets may be printed for warehouse pickers.
  • Once Picked, All Items are shown in the Transit Location Inventory. Transit Locations could be Trucks or Employees for audit purposes.
  • Transfer Receiving is performed at the To Warehouse Location and verified against what was picked.
  • Transfer Order Number Override allows you to assign any Pre-Printed Order Number/Code to override FlowTrac generated Order Numbers
  • By Warehouse Location, a PreFix can be auto added to generated order for easy separation. (FTW1335, DAL2300, etc…)
  • Unlimited Item Lines can be added to Transfer Order with order quantity, uom, extended description
  • Item Lookup, Activity History can be drilled down and through from within the Transfer Order Line item entry
  • Order, Pick Tickets, Receivers, and customized Order forms can be created by FlowTrac for you and added to Print options
  • All Hardcopies generated are PDF files by default for easy printing to most types of printers or emailing easily through Adobe or PDF compatible reader software.
  • Orders can be in Open, Picking, Receiving or Posted status.
  • Items On Hand, On Open Receive Orders, In Bounds, Out Bounds, In Production, all easily found through Item drill down with in the Transfer Order
  • Picking function allows for selection of Bin Location, Quantity, Lot, and/or Serial Number of item picked.
  • Transfer Order Number generation suffix contains a generation number  (FTW1335-1,FTW1335-2,etc.) to support partial picks/shipments and the auto generation of a backorder Transfer Order of remaining items.
  • Transfer Order lookup automatically reports number of previous backorders for this remaining Transsfer Order with drill down to the detail Backorder(s).